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18th April - 12th May 2018
Paradise in Naples Relics at Pompeii View of Napoli

See Naples and die - we can now!!

What a wonderful experience in this lovely city!

We were slightly apprehensive as had heard mixed reviews, of Naples, however we loved it! Wonderful, vibrant city, so much to see and do, two super sits within half mile of each other. We loved the food, shopping, weather and managed to visit the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Capri (magical) to name just a few as our charges were not very energetic in the heat. Best icecream we have ever had at Il Gelato Mennella complete with home made waffle cone, melted chocolate in the bottom and cream on top - LOVED IT thanks Al for introducing us to it, Al gave us the best neighbour support we have ever had on a sit.

Sits too numerous to mention!
Arthur, Suki, Jasper and Poppy Suki the Belgian Shepherd Arthur the black Labrador

Close to the home of The Pudding Club, Three Ways House Hotel, Mickleton!

Some of our favourite dogs and cats in the whole World!

Whenever we are in the UK we do this sit, its lovely, close to home and Arthur, Suki, Jasper and Poppy are adorable! We get to see our family and friends and go to The Pudding Club for Sunday lunch, it's the best! We are very lucky to come from such a beautiful area of the UK, fantastic walks with great (dog friendly) pubs and even better food and beer.

23rd August - 10th October 2017
Harry the Cat View from the Terrace Pigeon Island

We have been dreaming of this sit for over a year!

Our first long haul flight as housesitters and our first ever visit to the Caribbean!

It's certainly been a wonderful experience and we are very grateful to have been offered the sit, Harry the cat was so cute and loved his cream every day at 4pm, however we have discovered we are not really Lotus Eaters! We love the heat but it was very humid and we both suffered with mosquito bites, not to mention 2 Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria passing very close to us, we were extremely lucky to get off so lightly. Marigot Bay is simply stunning and was where they filmed Dr Doolittle with Rex Harrison in 1967, our local cocktail bar was called Doolittles!

13th October 2016 - 30th March 2017
Olive Trees at Le Verger Marseille in the November Sunshine! Gorges du Verdon

Also did the month of Nov 2015 and are booked for 2017/2018 so far!

One of our favourite sits, one of the most beautiful spots in France.

We picked coing (quince), pomegranate and best of all, olives. We made chutney, quince jam, gallons of pomegranate juice, and even sloe gin, my favourite!. We handpicked 175kgs of olives in two days which produced 33 litres of olive oil at the local co-operative. So much to see and do: Avignon, Marseille, Mont Ventoux (one of these days we will try and cycle up but it's a bit cold in the Winter months, our owner does it regularly!), Gorges du Verdon, Gordes, Roussillon, the list is endless, not to mention the wonderful Cave de Sylla in Apt where you can have the most delightful typically French cheese, charcuterie and wine tasting luncheon ever, well worth a special visit!

13th September - 11th October 2016
Blue Sea Restaurant Elounda Spinalonga Voulisma Beach

Our first visit to the Island and we loved it!

6 outdoor feral cats, that just needed feeding, not too onerous!

5 of the cats were outdoor only and would only come in to eat, and Seven (with only one eye!) did come in and sleep on her bed, they were certainly no trouble at all! We stayed in a traditional Cretan village to the North West of the Island. Had the BEST Gyros Pita ever at Nontas in Agios Nikolaos, and loved the beach and bar at Plaka Beach with its gorgeous view of Spinalonga Island (this used to be the leper colony until 1957!). Also really impressed with Elounda, beautiful harbour and beaches with some excellent restaurants, including Blue Sea where you sit on a pontoon over the sea, and Porto Fino for great Pizzas. We were also very smitten with the local ring doughnuts, they were huge - great for sharing!

1st October - 2nd November 2015
View of Cocentaina Castle Lunch at La Montana Valencia Market

Yasmina, a beautiful white Persian who loved being brushed really hard!

Also visited Cocentaina Fira de Tots Sants 2015 - marvellous!

We spent a wonderful month just outside this vibrant Spanish town, and had a wonderful stay! We did a lot of walking in very hilly terrain as it was a steep walk into town and also managed to conquer Montcabrer at 1390 metres, nearly didn't make it as the weather came in and so we got no views at all from the top! We also spent a day in Valencia which is a beautiful city and their Central Market is wonderful and well worth a visit. Not quite so much our day out in Benidorm, all I could visualise was the TV series!!! However Alicante was a lot nicer than we expected and had a stunning Kastell perched overlooking the town.

3rd - 29th July 2014
Views of Stockholm Harbour Island Hop to Rodloga Stockholm Harbour

Probably the best public transport in the World!

We had such fun in this wonderful Scandinavian city, never been on so many boats in our life!

We spent the sunniest month of July in Stockholm and got one thunderstorm lasting two hours, otherwise wall to wall blue sky and sunshine, it was glorious. And such a beautiful city, we loved how the taxi boats would wait for the buses or trains to arrive so nobody missed their ride, and floating around the Baltic Sea archipelago was truly amazing. We visited Vaxholm, with a beautiful fortress guarding it's entrance and loved Hermans Restaurant board signs eg " 30Kr will get you on the bus, but garlic will get you a seat!" And we found the Island our (IKEA!) kitchen was named after....Lidingö!